Schedule of Events

This is the tentative schedule of events for the 2018 Book Festival.


Doors Open

Author and publisher tables open for visitors


African-American literature

  • What does it mean to be an African-American writer?
  • Does an African-American writer approach a story differently from other writers?


Poetry Society presentation/workshop


Bill Kelso to sign books, Jamestown: The Truth Revealed

Dr Kelso is the Director of Archaeology for Jamestown Rediscovery at Historic Jamestowne. In 1994 he began archaeological excavations at Jamestown for Preservation Virginia in search for the remains of the 1607 James Fort, thought lost to James River erosion. Kelso and his talented team of archaeologists, curators, and conservators soon discovered the lost fort. Today they continue to explore its mysteries.


Southern literature

  • Relationship to place
  • Relationship to family
  • The portrayal of women in Southern literature
  • The human condition in Southern literature


Making history come alive: the art of creative non-fiction

  • History as narrative and/or story
  • This might tie into people interested in writing family or institutional history, as well as telling stories of historical events
  • David McCullough